Data Illustrate provides carefully designed infographics, motion graphics, documentaries, and data visualizations to help viewers understand, recall and retain complex information. Our data journalists will tell your story in a captivating way. Let us help you harness the power of real-time data to bring clarity to what you do.

What We Offer:


Society demands quick, memorable information. Infographics are the answer. They can be read and shared at an unprecedented speed through social media. The power of infographics comes from increased retention rates. The type of retention that can turn your data into a conversation piece, a spreadable talking point, or a new perspective. Our team works with your organization to plan, prepare data, and guide research so that our designers can to turn your talking points into a visually captivating piece of spreadable art.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics command higher retention and concentration from viewers. They distill complex ideas and information into an easily digestible form. Tell your story, do it in 1-3 minutes and it can easily be told to everyone who has interest in your company, project or organization. Turn your elevator pitch into a captivating 1-3 minute presentation that will leave your viewers with an higher engagement and retention rate. Our team works with your organization to guide you through the storytelling process, data research, audience research, and design phases of your project.

Mini Documentaries

Leave your audience at the edge of their seats as you tell your story. Mini-documentaries are a quick way to pitch a product and ideas to investors; share how your organization can change the world; or show your industry why you are going to lead them to new heights. The power of film has become more accessible and valuable because of the speed and ease at which it can be shared.

Data Visualization

In a society where infographics and motion graphics have told so many great stories, there are those who want to access the data to tell their own story. With our intuitive tools to show data, it makes it easy to have an interactive data set to let your users discover their own conclusions .